Charging For Businesses


The number of Electric Vehicles on the roads is increasing daily. By as early as 2032, it will be illegal to purchase a petrol or diesel vehicle in the UK.

Developers are now required by planning authorities to include a percentage of charge points in new retail, residential and commercial developments.

Plug-N-Go provides a market-leading solution which includes every aspect of providing the latest technology and expertise to reach your targets.


We believe that charging an electric vehicle should be quick and easy, for all visitors. We operate an ‘open charging’ model, so everyone can use our charging points on a pay-as-you-go basis with the benefits of no monthly subscription or membership cards required (unless you require a membership package).

EV Parking Space



Plug-N-Go’s team will work alongside you to design the best charge point solution for now and the future.

We are able to help you provide your guests, visitors, and employees with a total package.

Offering charging facilities is a great way to increase the number of visitors to your business or facility.

This also demonstrates your commitment to the environment.

All Plug-N-Go systems enable users to see live analytics & historical reports on usage, with monthly reports for accounting purposes & parking management.

Money and Car Keys


Provision of EV charging improves your business image with customers and employees alike. It adds the benefit of given early adopters with an EV peace of mind, knowing that when they arrive at the location they will be able to charge their vehicle and with our intelligent system.

We can reserve charge points, if you have a client travelling some distance, so they simply pull up and plug in; This means that they can return to the car knowing they will leave with a decent amount of power. You will also promote your charge points on platforms like Zap Map and Plug Share so you can drive users towards your charge point.

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Installing an EV charge point solution will help businesses reach their environmental targets by dramatically reducing their CO2 emissions, and the amount of carbon tax paid on those emissions, together with electricity used to charge EVs, and the associated CO2 generated.

This can be discounted from the total energy consumption when reporting carbon emissions. Interestingly, with the UK average electricity mix (coal, gas & renewables), plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles could save almost 90% of CO2 emissions compared to petrol/diesel alternatives.

Green Credentials


When purchasing company cars, employees also benefit from a reduced 5% benefit-in-kind tax for an EV (8% for plug-in hybrids) as opposed to 20% for a typical petrol/diesel car. Considering an average car with value of £30,000, this potentially saves up to £4,500 in tax payments over the full life of the vehicle.

Investing in EVs and EV charge points can save your company money and benefit your staff, customers and visitors.
If you have a fleet of vehicles the running costs may be reduced considerably with cost savings on petrol and diesel, road tax, maintenance and congestion charges.


• All Plug-n-go’s systems enable owners to see live analytics & historical reports on usage, with monthly reports for accounting purposes and parking management.
• Plug-n-Go’s team will work alongside you to design the best possible solution for your business.
• We will Install, maintain, upgrade and manage the charge points throughout the contract term.
• Accredited charge points from Ieading manufacturers.
• Easy to use charge points and management software


The Workplace Charging Scheme was introduced in 2016 by OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles).

The scheme provides vouchers towards the cost of installing charge points and is open to businesses, charities and public sector organisations in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

The applicant must have dedicated off-street parking and either own the property or have written consent from the landlord.

EO Charging


Since the EV market is still in its early stages, adopting EV charging in the workplace is not a one-off investment, as normally we will install an initial trial charge point at the site that may already have EV drivers visiting in order to validate its effectiveness. We then calculate the next steps to a strategic rollout across the business that’s incorporated into the annual budget cycle over the next 3-5 years as demand grows, or through the Plug -N-Go funded solution.

With a strategic rollout in mind we consider the ratio of charge points to EV drivers in each location, as well as their varying charging needs. Do they top up for an hour or 3-6 hours during the day, or overnight?

In some locations where there is no or minimal charging infrastructure for EV drivers. This creates a negative effect on employee satisfaction and creates unnecessary friction at work. Most notably, Google and SAP reported in 2014 that lack of sufficient charge points at their Palo Alto offices has caused conflict between EV drivers. Employees were reported to be deliberately unplugging EVs of fellow co-workers due to lack of charging availability, which can be easily avoided with the right strategic rollout plan.


At Plug-N-Go we sometimes find that a client wishes to own, manage & maintain their charge point infrastructure and towards the time of deployment or phase 2 works consider changing the ownership over to the Plug-N-Go funded solution. This is no problem whatsoever, as regardless of how we start out on the journey (i.e. company owned or Plug-N-Go), we run the same practices so it’s easy for us to swap the charge point ownership.


Hotels, retail outlets, visitor attractions, gyms, restaurants, holiday locations, garage forecourts, business parks and offices are all ideal locations to place charge points from slow through to rapid.


The UK Government offers businesses, organisations, charities, and local authorities financial support to have charge points installed at their premises under the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS).

This grant provides £500 (inc VAT) per socket up to 75% of the total cost of installation – up to a maximum of 20 sockets – to be installed on dedicated off-street parking for staff or fleet use.

Plug-N-Go will project manage both public and workplace installations to help you make the most of financial support from the government.