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Plug-N-Go is crowdfunding!

Help us drive connectivity in the UK

Who We Are

Welcome to the smart way of charging.

According to Zap-Map’s latest survey, 94% of electric vehicle drivers rely on public charging infrastructure. As EVs continue to surge in popularity, the ability to charge in public becomes more and more important.

Plug-N-Go has been established to tackle the problem of lacking infrastructure by providing a business model that is scalable, sustainable and profitable.

What We Do

We offer funded solutions for EV charging to businesses and local authorities.

These solutions are cost and risk free, using best-in-class hardware and software, with a professional 24/7 support package and maintenance throughout the term.

Workplaces and fleets can also benefit from one of our tailored solutions, with a dedicated back office management cloud.

Drivers can access our charging network using our smartphone app, by ordering a charging fob, or by signing up with one of our interoperability partners.

Why We’re Crowdfunding

We have built the foundations of a scalable charge point network.

We’ve partnered with the Co-operative Society, Associated British Ports & numerous local authority & commercial clients to coordinate a nationwide rollout of smart, fast charging.

We need your support to kickstart these installations, as well as promote the sites & revamp our website to be more user friendly.
We’ll be going live on CrowdCube very soon!


Crowdfunding FAQs

Crowdfunding is when a large number of people invest in a business that they believe in. We will be equity crowdfunding. This means that each investor will receive a share in our business. Having a share in a business has the potential to make you profit if the business does well or is sold. Please be aware, investments of this nature carry risks to your capital.

Find out more information about investing in a crowdfunding campaign here.

Investors will have the option to invest in Plug-N-Go from £10, but will be rounded to the closest multiple of the share price.

For example, at a share price of £5.44, the minimum investment in the pitch will be £10.88. You will be prompted with the minimum investment amount in the particular pitch, or the closest multiple of the share price when making an investment.

By investing through our crowdfunding campaign, you will become a shareholder in Plug-N-Go. You will be sent a digital share certificate as confirmation of this.

Anyone who invests £10+ will receive a free charging fob to use with Plug-N-Go charging stations.
(You will need to download the Plug-N-Go app and request a fob).
Investing £250+ will grant you £5 of charging credit on your fob, and £500+ will grant £15.

A £10,000+ investment will grant you free access to the EVEX 2020 event in June at Trinity Park Ipswich, where you can meet the team behind Plug-N-Go and experience test drives, presentations and more.

Our campaign will go live to the public within the next few weeks. You can get exclusive early access by pre-registering your interest below.