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Get ahead of the game and be ready for 2030 with Plug-N-Go - Plug-N-Go

November 19, 2020

With the news that Boris Johnson is planning to bring the ban of petrol and diesel car sales forward a decade to 2030, Plug-N-Go is excited to help businesses around the UK get ready for an electric future.


The decision to replace combustion engines with electric comes from the carbon dioxide and other pollutants released from the burning of petrol and diesel, which massively affects air pollution. This fight to reduce air pollution is the reason that Plug-N-Go is not only ready to help the UK get ready for a 2030 cut-off but is excited about the opportunity to help the UK reach net zero as quickly as possible.


Plug-N-Go is currently working with various partners to roll out new EV charging stations around the country. It is the hope of Plug-N-Go that an increase in charging stations will not only help current EV owners but encourage more people to make the switch to electric.


The news of the ban coming early gives businesses a fantastic opportunity to get ahead of the game by offering cleaner and greener options to their customers while supporting their “green” credentials.


With the installation of EV charging points in car parks, businesses can encourage more people to visit their site as offering charging for EV vehicles is still considered a relatively unique selling point. For retail establishments, this also offers the potential for customers to spend more time inside while their car charges.


If you are interested in finding out more about how Plug-N-Go can help with the installation of EV charging stations at your premises, email them at info@plug-n-go.com to register your interest.