Government Announce Green Number Plates as EV Incentives

Government Announce Green Number Plates as EV Incentives

Yesterday, the UK government announced that drivers of ultra low emission vehicles (ULEV) would be eligible for new green ‘flash’ number plates. The change is intended to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in the UK by making them more distinguishable on the roads.

This will also make it easier for congestion zones to be enforced, as drivers exempt from charges become easier to identify.

While this is a step forward in incentivising the growth of the EV market, more needs to be done. Drivers are unlikely to change their habits because of a different coloured number plate; lower cost of ownership, and better access to public infrastructure, are vital.

The government are introducing more financial measures to complement the growth of the industry, such as grants for local authorities to install on-street charging.

To ensure this improvement in infrastructure scales with the growing demand of EVs, we need sustainable business models to allow destinations across the country to offer charging without a prohibitive upfront cost.