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September 16, 2020

What Lewis Hamilton’s new Extreme E team means for the world of EVs

Although sales of electric vehicles are continuing to rise, they still comprise of only 4.9% of newly registered vehicles in the year-to-date. But will Lewis Hamilton’s Extreme E team change this? Billions are being invested in electric vehicles, but a considerable amount of UK buyers are still unsure of making the switch. Putting electric vehicles

August 28, 2020

Plug-N-Go and EVA Global: Partners in Customer Experience

Plug-N-Go, the Electric Vehicle charge point operator and EVA Global, the leading Managed Services Provider in eMobility, announce a strategic partnership to provide best-in-class customer experience for EV drivers. This collaboration enables EV drivers to have effortless technical assistance with their Plug-n-Go chargers whenever they need. Alexandra Bentley, Customer Success Manager at EVA Global says:

July 06, 2020

New EV Charging Stations Operational in Guernsey

Media Release Date: 6th July 2020 Additional electric vehicle charging stations now operational and new guidance for home-charging produced Two new publicly available electric vehicle (E.V.) charging stations at the Odeon car park and two new charging stations at La Crocq Pier are now operational. The new charging stations complement two existing stations which have

June 17, 2020

Government Announce Green Number Plates as EV Incentives

Yesterday, the UK government announced that drivers of ultra low emission vehicles (ULEV) would be eligible for new green ‘flash’ number plates. The change is intended to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in the UK by making them more distinguishable on the roads. This will also make it easier for congestion zones to be

May 14, 2020

Supporting the growth of BEVs with public charging infractructure

In the midst of the coronavirus, a sliver of good news has emerged; battery electric vehicles (BEVs) seem to be thriving in comparison with their polluting ICE alternatives. Of the 4,321 cars registered in April, 1,374 were BEVs, accounting for 31.8% of the market. This unprecedented increase made BEVs more popular than diesel, and almost

April 20, 2020

Encouraging EV Etiquette with NeedToCharge

Making the switch to an electric vehicle doesn’t just mean swapping out your drivetrain – it’s also a lifestyle shift. Instead of regular trips to the petrol station, EV drivers mostly charge overnight at home. However, for many drivers without off street parking, public charging infrastructure is needed to charge up at destinations they already

April 15, 2020

How EV Charging Adds Value to Business

Introduction One in 12 new vehicle buyers in the UK are choosing a plug-in electric vehicle; this rapidly expanding market is largely held back by a lack of infrastructure. Plug-N-Go aims to change that. While most EV charging takes place at home, many owners do not have access to off street parking, or lack the

April 09, 2020

Coronavirus, air pollution and why we need EVs

Yesterday, BBC News published an article about the effect of the UK’s enforced lockdown on air pollution. This drop in NO2 has been directly linked with the reduction of polluting ICE (internal combustion engine) cars on the road, and levels in some cities are down 60% from this time last year. Many individuals and organisations are calling

April 01, 2020

Devon law firm plugs into the future with electric vehicle charge points

As part of its commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint, Devon law firm Stephens Scown LLP has introduced electric vehicle (EV) charging points at its Exeter office. The firm now has three EV charging points at its office in Southernhay West, which were installed by EV charge point company Plug-N-Go. The charging points

April 01, 2020

Driving connectivity with what3words

Electric vehicle drivers everywhere face a common problem – finding public charging when they need to top up. According to Zap-Map’s latest survey, 94% of drivers rely on public infrastructure to charge their EVs, using services like Zap-Map or Plugshare to locate and use charging stations. Charge points are often designated with signage and clearly