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Octopus Energy's Electric Juice network reaches 1,000 chargers with new partners - Plug-N-Go

October 15, 2020

Following the successful launch of its Beta version in May 2020, Octopus Energy today announces a raft of new additions to its Electric Juice Network – LiFe Energy, Hubsta, Alfa Power and Plug-N-Go.

The new additions to the network join launch partners Char.gy and Osprey and take the total number of chargers to over 1,000 in the UK.

In addition to rapid charging and inner-city coverage, the slew of new partners will add stronger presence in the North West, East of England and Guernsey to the already considerable Electric Juice Network.

Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) will now be able to pay with their Octopus Energy account across the participating charging networks, with all costs appearing on a single bill. As further networks are added to the roaming service, users of Electric Juice will soon be able to access many more charging stations nationwide.

With this ‘one-stop-shop’, Octopus offers a solution to a long-standing problem of EV drivers, who have criticised that there’s no standardised way of paying as each network has a different card or app. The service is open to all drivers of electric cars so that everyone can benefit from this new and more convenient way of charging – whether they are already one of Octopus Energy’s 1.7 million customers or not.

Zoisa Walton of Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice Network, comments:

“Thanks to these new partnership agreements, users of the Electric Juice Network can now benefit from considerable cross-country coverage, and even more access to rapid charging across the UK, in addition to the networks already included with the network. All this makes it easier than ever to pay for all your charges with one simple bill.

“Each time a partner joins the network we get a step closer to creating the effortless charging system that current EV drivers want, potential EV drivers need and the decarbonisation of our roads demands.”

In addition to the new partners included on the network, Octopus Energy has been officially accredited as a mobility service provider for EV charging via the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA). Octopus has joined a number of other EV roaming providers as part of EV Roam, a new service that will help facilitate the uptake of roaming between EV charging networks in the UK.

More information on the Electric Juice Network can be found on their website.