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Plug-N-Go continues to support customers while they shop for essentials - Plug-N-Go

November 06, 2020

With the UK heading into a second lockdown, EV charging company Plug-N-Go announce that not only will their charging points continue to run throughout the lockdown, but they have a range of charge points located at essential retailer outlets allowing customers to charge while they make their essential trip to the supermarket.  


With restrictions in place on journeys, EV charging points offer the chance for people to top up their car while they top up your cupboards, all in one trip to the supermarket. This combination will not only save people time but reduce the number of reasons they need to head out.  


Whether in need of a quick top-up or a longer charge while they do their shop for the week, having access to EV charge points in supermarket carparks is ideal for shoppers. 


CEO of Plug-N-Go, Keith Hounsell, said:


“At a time where every trip out of the house counts, it’s great to be able to provide our customers with an opportunity to save time and make the most of their shopping trips.” 


To find the closest supermarket with an EV charging point, download the Plug-N-Go app.